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Colossus of the Colosseum (comic story)

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Colussus of the Colosseum
DWA CS 311 Colossus of the Colosseum
Doctor: Eleventh Doctor
Companion(s): Decky
Main enemy: Professor Rulas
Main setting: Phwillite
Key crew
Publisher: Immediate Media Company London Limited
Editor: Natalie Barnes
Writer: Craig Donaghy
Artist: John Ross
Colourist: Alan Craddock
Release details
Printed in: DWA 311
Release date: 14 March 2013
Format: Comic - 1 part (4 pages)
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Colossus of the Colosseum was a Doctor Who Adventures comic strip published in 2013.

Summary Edit

A replica of the Colosseum on the planet Phwillite has been turned into a deadly arena by Professor Rulas' Collossus computer to decide the champion of the universe.

Plot Edit

On the planet Phwillite, the Doctor and Decky Flamboon have found another of the replica landmarks from Earth — the Colosseum. They are greeted by Professor Rulas, who sees the Colosseum as a fitting home for his super computer Colossus. Colossus has one purpose — to find the cleverest and bravest fighters in existence and by putting them in the arena to decide the champion of the universe. The Doctor is suddenly detected and transported into the arena area of the Colosseum, where he refuses to fight any of the other combatants. Rulas mocks Decky's strength as he attempts to free the Doctor, making the comparison with the much stronger Brancheerian Monty Punnions, who sold him the Colosseum and who now, having been selected, is fighting in the Colosseum. While the Doctor is trying to avoid Monty's attack in the Colosseum, Decky tricks Rulas into admitting that as Monty was a cunning ruthless genius who he had managed to outwit, he was therefore himself the most ruthless. As soon as Rulas acknowledges this fact, he is teleported away into the Colosseum as Colossus now believes he is potentially the ultimate fighter. Forced to escape the arena and save his own life, Rulas ends the Colossus program with the secret codeword "Gibwyn". As Colossus shuts down, all the combatants are returned to where they came from. Collecting the last of the co-ordinates for Decky's home world, Decky is even more concerned about returning home and warning his people that Monty Punnions is up to no good.

Characters Edit

References Edit

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Notes Edit

  • Presumably the Colosseum was a money-making attraction as the seating at the Colosseum for those watching the collected combatants battle it out was full.

Original print details Edit

  • Publication with page count and closing captions
  • No reprints to date.

Continuity Edit

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