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Comic Maker was a comic generation tool and game introduced in April 2007. Users were led through a game where they could submit an image and then build a comic around the image or character.[1]

For the very first time, fans of the show will be able to create their own Doctor Who adventure and bring it to life. This Comic Maker will allow fans to interact with every aspect of the exciting and magical world of Doctor Who. This is your chance to be the Doctor's companion and take on the Daleks.Russell T Davies[1]
Originally user generated comics could be submitted for publishing online. These comics were subject to moderators who would on occasion edit or remove images to make the submitted comics adhere to the Comic Maker's "house rules". [2] However following approximately a year online, a relaunch of Comic Maker occurred on 16 December 2008. The changes were that comics could be printed and that comics could no longer be submitted for publishing online. [3] Also during 2008, several comics created by writers who had previously written for Doctor Who were posted to the site. See BBC Writers' Comics for more information.

Around the end of 2012, the BBC One Doctor Who website discontinued hosting of Comic Maker, along with Trailer Maker, phasing out its old material to make room for "new games and innovative content" during the 50th anniversary year of the series. [4]

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