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A comic book was a magazine which published sequences of drawings which told stories.

In 1965, Wonder Comics published a book based on the Latter-Day Pantheon. (PROSE: Salvation)

As a girl, Peri Brown read the comic book Swamp Thing. (PROSE: Players)

Izzy Sinclair was a fan of the comic book Aggrotron!. (AUDIO: Izzy's Story)

In 1988, Bernice Summerfield wrote a comic book entitled The Forty-Five-Second Piglet, which was never published. (PROSE: Sky Pirates!)

In the early 21st century, Talons, an official Cthulhu Gate tie-in comic book, was published. (PROSE: Cat's Cradle: Warhead)

Clyde Langer drew his own comic book, entitled The Silver Bullet. (TV: The Curse of Clyde Langer)

In 2015, a living, self-written story entitled Zzagnar the All-Conquering attempted to mind control the Earth by giving away free copies of itself in various mediums, including comic books. Later, it also wrote the non-mind control comic book Zz-Men. (COMIC: Give Free or Die)

Alice Parsons collected issues of The Beano and Dandy for her daughter. (PROSE: The Stone House)

Forbidden Planet sold comic books. (PROSE: In Search of Doctor X)

In the 26th century, Bernice Summerfield, while living in the forest near Spacefleet Academy, read comic books to keep herself company on long winter nights. (PROSE: Conundrum)

Navarino literature and art consisted largely of adventure stories and comic books. (PROSE: Return of the Living Dad)