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Command Dalek

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Command Dalek
Species: Dalek
Place of origin: Skaro
Appearance: Prisoner of the Daleks
A Command Dalek was the commander of the Dalek base on the planet Arkheon to exploit the Arkheon Threshold using slave labour during the Second Dalek War. This Dalek ordered the captain of Wayfarer, Jon Bowman, be taken for brain excoriation which would kill him. The Tenth Doctor admitted to the Command Dalek who he was and was placed at Bowman's cell. It accompanied Dalek X to find the Doctor's TARDIS with the Temporal Research Team, the Doctor and the surviving bounty hunters to Hurala with the Dalek Inquisitor General's flagship called the Exterminator. The Command Dalek was destroyed when the fueling station exploded while attempting to exterminate Bowman near the TARDIS. (PROSE: Prisoner of the Daleks)

Behind the scenes Edit

The Command Dalek is the only Dalek it's casing isn't different to commanding Daleks.

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