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Main character(s): Jack Harkness
Main setting: Earth
Key crew
Publisher: BBC Books
Writer: Joseph Lidster, James Moran, Andrew Cartmel, David Llewellyn, Sarah Pinborough
Release details
Release number: 15
Release date: 15 October 2009
Format: Hardcover Book
ISBN 978-1-84607-784-5
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BBC Torchwood novels
The Undertaker's Gift First Born
You may wish to consult Consequences for other, similarly-named pages.

Consequences was the fifteenth release in the BBC Torchwood Novels series. Unlike previous releases, this book took the form of short stories by five authors — the first time such a format was used for Torchwood.

Publisher's summary Edit

Saving the planet, watching over the Rift, preparing the human race for the twenty-first century... Torchwood has been keeping Cardiff safe since the late 1800s. Small teams of heroes, working 24/7, encountering and containing the alien, the bizarre, and the inexplicable. But Torchwood do not always see the effects of their actions. What links the Rules and Regulations for replacing a Torchwood leader to the destruction of a shopping center? How does a witness to an alien's reprisals against Torchwood become caught up in a night of terror in a university library? And why should Gwen and Ianto's actions at a local publisher have a cost for Torchwood more than half-a-century earlier? For Torchwood, the past will always catch up with them. And sometimes the future will catch up with the past...

Individual stories Edit

Title Author Featuring
The Baby FarmersDavid LlewellynEmily Holroyd
Charles Gaskell
Alice Guppy
Jack Harkness
KaleidoscopeSarah PinboroughToshiko Sato
Gwen Cooper
Owen Harper
Ianto Jones
The Wrong HandsAndrew CartmelCaptain Jack Harkness
Gwen Cooper
Ianto Jones
VirusJames Moran Jack Harkness
Gwen Cooper
Ianto Jones
Kathy Swanson
Rhys Williams
Nina Rogers
ConsequencesJoseph LidsterJack Harkness
Gwen Cooper
Ianto Jones
Nina Rogers

Originally released cover art

Notes Edit

  • This book is also available as an ebook from the Amazon Kindle store.
  • The originally released cover art for the book only credited three authors: Moran, Lidster and Cartmel. Additional names were added to the cover when BBC Books made its official release announcement in July 2009. BBC Books also released a revised version of the cover art.

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