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A Continuous Event Transmuter (or CET) was a device which changed samples of planets into electromagnetic signals on laser crystals and could display them as projections on a screen. It also served as a portal through which people and things could enter and exit the sample. Tryst used a CET to collect samples on his expedition to catalogue flora and fauna from many planets in the galaxy (including Zil, Vij, Darp, Lvan, Bros, Gidi, Ranx, and Eden), as well as to smuggle vraxoin. The Doctor pointed out the various things that could be wrong with the CET, including the fact that it did not possess a dimensional osmosis damper. Because the recordings were restructured on an intradimensional matrix when played back, the lack of a dimensional osmosis damper made the display like a TARDIS, able to be entered by the people viewing it — or exited by the creatures within it. When the Empress collided with the Hecate upon emerging from hyperspace above Azure, the CET became unstable, freeing Stott and unleashing Mandrels onto the ship. The Fourth Doctor and Romana II got the Mandrels back into the the CET and repaired it. Afterwards, they planned to return all the samples to their respective planets. (TV: Nightmare of Eden)

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