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Control deck

SV7's threat of a slow death is broadcast to those on the control deck. (TV: The Robots of Death)

The control deck was the centre point from where Storm Mine 4 was managed. Commander Uvanov and Pilot Toos were frequently on deck. If was also staffed by Voc robots, who operated the sandminer per the instructions of the human crew.

After Taren Capel staged his "robot revolution" aboard Storm Mine 4, he deactivated those robots not under his command, leaving units such as V16 frozen in place on the control deck. The Fourth Doctor, Leela, D84, Uvanov, Toos and Chief Mover Poul made their way to the deck as Capel's robots hunted them down. SV7 used the communications to contact them there, declaring that if they did not surrender in five minutes, their deaths would be slow.

Z-9 electron packs were stored in lockers on the control deck and, on the Doctor's instructions, Toos and Uvanov used these to manufacture anti-robot bombs. When V5 attempted to gain access to the deck, the Commander place a bomb against the door, blowing a hole in it and destroying the robot. (TV: The Robots of Death)

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