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You may be looking for the titular comic story or the audio story.

Conversion was the third volume of the Titan Comics series of Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor comic collections. It collected issues eleven through fifteen, as well as the Eleventh Doctor story from Free Comic Book Day 2015.

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The first year of Eleventh Doctor stories comes to a stunning conclusion — at once epic and intimate — as secrets and lies come tumbling out of the TARDIS, and enemies old and new conspire against the Doctor and his friends!

Beginning with a cathartic trip through an exploded TARDIS, taking in a war against an upgraded foe in 312AD, and bringing a year's worth of plot threads to a thrilling climax, the third volume is the perfect pay-off to a rollercoaster of a story!

Witness all of SERVEYOUinc's origins and plans revealed — along with the fates of the Doctor, Alice, Jones and ARC!

When the dust settles, who will survive — and who can still call the TARDIS home?

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Steven Moffat, Brian Minchin, Matt Nicholls, James Dudley, Edward Russell, Derek Ritchie, Scott Handcock, Kirsty Mullan, Kate Bush, Julia Nocciolino, Ed Casey, Marcus Wilson, and Richard Cookson

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