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Cool Cat was one of the Scorchies that starred in The Scorchies Show. He had many skills, such as playing the ukelele and shooting people with ray guns.

Along with Mr Grizzfizzle, Amble the Ugly Doll, Professor Baffle, and some Magic Mice, Cool Cat travelled across the galaxy scorching planets for hundreds of years. They eventually landed on Earth in the early 1970s and began broadcasting The Scorchies Show.

In on episode of the show, Angela Rippon taught Cool Cat the foxtrot.

During the filming of the season finale, Jo Grant infiltrated the Scorchie studio. When Amble was found to be helping her try to defeat the Scorchies, Cool Cat shot Amble with his ray gun. He later used his ray gun to kill a cameraman when demonstrating to UNIT that they had hostages. He was killed with all the other Scorchies when Jo blocked their activation signal. (AUDIO: The Scorchies)