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The Corcovado statue was what the Fifth Doctor called the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro. While visiting the statue in the 21st century with Turlough, he once happily helped several tourists get their photos taken on the iconic monument. Though Turlough was annoyed at this apparent waste of time, the Doctor insisted that it was right to do so, since the tourists had travelled so far to see it. The Doctor reasoned that it afforded the best view possible of Rio.

The Doctor further claimed that he had been in Rio in 1700, when the statue wasn't even built. (AUDIO: Loups-Garoux)

Behind the scenes Edit

The proper, real world name of the monument is "Christ the Redeemer", but Loups-Garoux doesn't specify this. Instead the Doctor just calls it the "statue of Christ" or the "Corcovado statue", after the mountain on which it's situated.

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