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Corpulone was the adopted family name of a family of gangsters who traded on the Sunset Strip.

They were created in a laboratory by a crazy scientist who made floating talking heads for the sad and lonely. He underestimated their intelligence and self-belief and they escaped one day when his back was turned. Procuring bodies for themselves, they formed a family and began to extend their influence by trading in weapons and precious goods. Head of the family was Don Corpulone, with his two "sons" (Blonk and Gluey) and their sister Doll Corpulone.

When their activities threatened the egg of the rare robotic species, the Glitterbird, the detective robots overrode their programming and, with a new enthusiasm for cleaning up the place and re-establishing some sort of law and order, started with the arrest of the Corpulone family, whose heads were detached from their bodies and stored in jars. (COMIC: Gangster's Paradise)

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