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Corruption was the third story in the I, Davros series released by Big Finish Productions.

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"Logically, the war ends with one form of life in utter control of the world. All other life forms gone. That is the goal — that is the only true victory!"

Now established within the Scientific Elite, Davros and his team are pushing the boundaries of Kaled experimentation further and further forward. Access to Thal DNA spearheads an entirely new field of research for Davros, and as he becomes more and more intrigued by genetic mutations, others around him begin to fear him, his drive and his obsessive need for power.

Meanwhile he must learn to cope with betrayal and political manoeuvrings that will leave him changed forever...

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  • Matros still serves on the Council of Twelve has risen to the rank of the High Councillor. Davros refused to take his daughter to a state dinner the night before the Thal attempt on his life.
  • The name of the Thal state is the Thal Republic.
  • DNA makes up living creatures on Skaro and all living creatures on Skaro have a double helix.
  • Drammankin Lake is now known as the Lake of Mutations.
  • Davros determines that, in spite of their outward resemblance, the Kaleds and the Thals' evolution diverged a hundred million years prior to the Thousand Year War. This is approximately the era when life first evolved on Skaro.
  • The Kaleds and Thals' internal organs are of a completely different structure. For instance, Thal lungs are longer and thinner than those of the Kaleds.
  • There are seven males for every female Thal.
  • Most lifeforms that existed on Skaro have become extinct. Consequently, natural foodstuffs are a rare commodity.
  • Davros is now a Coordinator within the Scientific Elite.
  • The life expectancy of Kaled females is 52, an age which Lady Calcula has long since surpassed. According to Davros, she is one of the oldest living Kaleds.
  • Joining the Kaled Military Youth is not technically mandatory, but in practice it is. The ones who do not join up are beaten by those who do. Several weeks earlier, a ten-year-old boy was dragged from his classroom and killed when he asked why rations had been cut if the war was allegedly going well.
  • Of all the other planets that the Kaleds have detected, none are capable of supporting life.
  • The Darrien province is the area where Shan and her family used to live. It is now a radioactive glass desert. They once owned more than half of the province.
  • Shan's father Colonel Krakor is a senior member of the Military Elite. He turned down a place on the Council of Twelve to remain on the battlefield.
  • Davros developed a device which cured cancer one year earlier.
  • High Councillor Matros was killed when he slipped and fell under a training tank. When Davros points out to his mother that he was one of her political enemies, Calcula comments that he was always opposed to the Scientific Elite's work and should not have gotten in the way...of the tank.
  • The Supremo orders Fenn to destroy Davros' laboratory. Calcula then exposes herself and Fenn to a massive dose of radiation.
  • Skaro's sun can no longer be seen from the Kaled Dome due to the high levels of radiation in the atmosphere. According to Valron, there has not been a proper summer for the last three years as a result.
  • Butterflies existed on Skaro prior to the war.
  • No Kaled has died of old age for ten generations.

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