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A coyote — or, to use a word favoured by Captain Morgan Shaw, coy-dog — was an animal native to the United States. According to Loomis Teague, they posed a significant threat to humans, particularly those who got lost in the hills after nightfall. (PROSE: Peacemaker) Indeed, the Fourth Doctor was once perplexed by a pack of coyotes who passed him and Leela by in the middle of a New Hampshire winter. He reasoned that something must be wrong with the animals since they didn't attack at a time of year when food was scarce. As he and Leela spent more time around the hamlet of Melvin Village, it became apparent that the coyote population had contracted an infection that changed their normal behaviour. Nevertheless, Morgan Shaw, who didn't possess all the facts, stretched the truth a bit when he used the coyote infection as a basis for getting the town mobilised for evacuation. (PROSE: Drift)

Cultural references to coyotes Edit

Despite — or perhaps because of — coyotes' aggressive reputation, the Doctor was known amongst the Pawnee as "Brother of Coyote". (PROSE: Peacemaker)

A cartoon character called Wile E. Coyote was known for falling off cliffs. (PROSE: Drift)

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