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The Craktors were a species of massive, spider-like creatures.

Biology Edit

The Craktors were massive creatures, larger than a car and with bulletproof armour. They had eight legs, two powerful claws and a sharp, spiny limb at the front. They also had five red eyes: four smaller eyes and one larger one above. (COMIC: Ma and Par)

Life cycle Edit

The Craktors were a sexually dimorphic species, with the males (or "Bull-Craktors") easily ditinguished from females. After mating, the female would lay eggs, which were capable of adaptive camouflage. At the Pontyvale Golf Course the eggs took the appearance of golf balls. The Bull-Craktor would guard the nest and female, killing anything that got too close. (COMIC: Ma and Par)

History Edit

A pair of Craktors arrived outside Cardiff, where they made a nest at the Pontyvale Golf Course. The Bull-Craktor killed several people, forcing the golf course to shut down and call in Torchwood Three. When the gardener showed them where the creature dragged the bodies, he was killed by the Bull-Craktor. As their bullets were ineffective, Jack Harkness rammed the Craktor with a golf cart and lured it to the nearby swimming pool. Holding a plugged-in lamp and standing near the pool, Jack electrocuted the Craktor when it charged him. At this moment, the Craktor's eggs started hatching and the female Craktor awoke. (COMIC: Ma and Par)

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