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Mr Crane was John Lumic's right-hand man and deputy.

Having worked alongside Lumic for many years, he realised how ruthless he could be, and was just the same himself; Crane had no conscience when fooling homeless people into believing he would supply them with free food, when, in actuality, it was merely a con to have them converted into Cybermen. (TV: Rise of the Cybermen) Later that night, Lumic reprogrammed the EarPods into blanking everybody's mind, and lured them into Battersea Power Station, ready for cyber-conversion. Crane realised it was meant to include him and ripped out his EarPods. This didn't completely thwart Lumic however, as Cybermen took him to Lumic for being "unprogrammed". There, Crane tried to kill Lumic by damaging his wheelchair's life-support systems, but was electrocuted by a Cyberman. Ultimately, as a result of Crane's actions, the Cybermen took Lumic away for an emergency upgrade and the Cyber-Controller was created. (TV: The Age of Steel)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Crane's exercise of control over people implanted with EarPods is later repeated by Mercy Hartigan. Each ordered their victims to turn right, then left.