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Crime Crackers was a television show broadcast in the United Kingdom circa 2012. It gave viewers the opportunity to help solve crimes. One episode alerted the public to the disappearances of children from Stratford near the start of the 2012 Olympic Games. A presenter told the viewers that a young boy called Dale Hicks and a young girl called Jane McEllen had gone missing. The police had no idea where they were. This was followed by an encouragement from the presenter for the viewers to phone in and give information (to the 19-digit telephone number, 0301-566-9155-76544891) at the same time revealing the road to be "Dame Kelly Holmes Close" (and the local authority to be "East London Council"). (WC: Tardisode 11)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The premise of this show is similar to the real world show Crimewatch.

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