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The Eighth Doctor throws a bag of crisps. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Nightmare Game)

Crisps, known as chips in the United States, (TV: Dead of Night) were, according to the Eighth Doctor, a "highly salted" and "processed" potato snack. Typically, they came in packets. The Doctor once used a packet of crisps to feed the Nukaryote, and thereby escaped being absorbed by it. (COMIC: Doctor Who and the Nightmare Game)

The Krillitanes used Brainy Crisps to increase the intelligence of children. (PROSE: Code of the Krillitanes)

While they were on the run during Miracle Day, Gwen Cooper went to a petrol station to buy food, but all they had was crisps. (TV: Dead of Night)

Later, when the Eleventh Doctor first met twelve-year-old Kazran Sardick, he initially suggested that they should spend Christmas Eve "eat[ing] crisps and talk[ing] about girls". (TV: A Christmas Carol)

Clara Oswald liked crisps. (TV: Into the Dalek)

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