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Cro-Magnons were a proto-human species. Circa 40000 BC, a Cro-Magnon tribe made first contact with a Neanderthal tribe.

The Fifth Doctor hoped to observe the point of first contact between the Neanderthals and the Cro-Magnons. He failed to witness the event, not realising that his observation of them was the cause of the first contact. (PROSE: Observation)

Majenta Pryce featured them as one of the attractions in the Hotel Historia in October 2008. (COMIC: Hotel Historia)

References Edit

Before meeting the Fifth Doctor, on vacation in Lanzarote on 8 May 1984, Peri Brown said to her stepfather Howard Foster that she wasn't with her mother Janine Foster because she didn't want to spend an afternoon exploring a Cro-Magnon cave. (TV: Planet of Fire)

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