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Cuthbert was a construction of the Black Guardian, created in order to breed chaos. (AUDIO: Casualties of Time)

He was the CEO of the Conglomerate. He was in charge of an experiment in the Proxima System. He didn't like the new President of Earth Sheridan Moorkurk. He wanted to create a Quantum Gateway. He questioned the Fourth Doctor about the Laan. He wanted to employ the Doctor. (AUDIO: The Sands of Life)

He started a war against the Laan. He wanted the Laan to pay for destroying his spaceship. (AUDIO: War Against the Laan)

He liked to have brown sauce with his chips. He got annoyed at Mr Dorrick's concerns about a particle build up. He wanted Dorrick to make sure that there were no more attacks from Proxima Major. He thought that the Daleks were his security forces, as they had a contract. (AUDIO: The Dalek Contract)

He wanted the Doctor brought to him by the Daleks for questions. He showed Romana the Quantum Gateway and that he wanted to travel in time. He wouldn't tell her exactly what his plans were. His experiments were going to punch a hole in the universe. After the Daleks were defeated he walked through the Gateway before it imploded. He wanted to start his empire with a bit of insider training and became a time paradox. (AUDIO: The Final Phase)

Behind the scenes Edit

Cuthbert and the Conglomerate originated from AudioVisuals Conglomerate stories.[1]

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