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The Cyber-Lord was the commander of the Cybermen, a form of Cyber-Leader but of a higher rank.

Appearance Edit

The Cyber-Lord had a suit similar to standard Cybermen. Its helmet, however, had black handle bars, a black face plate and a transparent "window" through which its brain could be seen, similar to the Cyber-Controller. (TV: The Next Doctor)

History Edit

A Cyber-Lord was among the Cybermen that ended up in 1851. After establishing a base in London, the Cyber-Lord forged an alliance with Mercy Hartigan, using her to gather the child labour necessary to build the Cyber-King, and in return promising her liberation, and exception from Cyber-conversion.

The Cyber-Lord eventually betrayed Hartigan, placing her in the Cyber-King's control throne, and explaining that by becoming Cyber-King, Hartigan would receive her liberation from the anger, hatred and rage in her mind. However, Hartigan proved too strong-willed for the conversion; her mind was too powerful to control, and she decided to make her own race of Cybermen. The Cyber-Lord disagreed and attempted to remove her from the throne, but Miss Hartigan took revenge by using her new powers to destroy the Cyber-Lord. (TV: The Next Doctor)

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