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Unless the dialogue of the game specifically calls him a "Cyber-Lord", we can't call him one.

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The article is about the Blood of the Cybermen version. For other uses please see Cyber-Lord.

The "Cyber-Lord" was in command of a Cyber-ship which was damaged by a Time storm.

It was never called this in the game, but resembles a Cyber-Lord that was based in 1851 London and was called "Lord" by Elizabeth Meadows.

Biography Edit

When his ship was damaged by a Time storm, it crashed in the Arctic Circle, ten thousand years before the year 2010. The Cybermen were then frozen in the ice. Ten thousand years later an GSO Arctic Drilling Station uncovered them. The Cyber-Lord's Cybermats spread a nanovirus through the station, infecting the workers and turning them into Cyberslaves who would try to summon the Eleventh Doctor to awaken the army.

A partialy converted Cyberslave named Elizabeth Meadows, who still retained some free will, blackmailed the Doctor into reviving the Cybermen by threatening to add Amy Pond to their ranks through a cyber-conversion. Though Meadows was successful in forcing the Doctor to comply with her demands, the newly revived Cyber-Lord immediately decided that the Cyberslaves were no longer necessary as their were inferior to the pure Cybermen; Elizabeth was killed immediately in an ironic twist of fate. He tried to shoot the Doctor, but he managed to escape and would set the ship to detonate. The Cyber-Lord tried to kill him again but was gunned down by GSO worker Chisholm, the GSO base shortly being detonated, killing all Cybermen inside. (GAME: Blood of the Cybermen)