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CyberMondan was the term used by the Cybermen to refer to the Mondasians who did not fully embrace cyber-conversion like the Faction did. As such, they were the earliest form of Cybermen. Their eyes were ruby crystals (PROSE: Iceberg) and they were capable of hypnotism. (AUDIO: The Silver Turk) Like later Cybermen, at times they used cybermats and were lead by a Cyber-Controller. (COMIC: Flower Power)

The Second Doctor encountered CyberMondans several times while traveling with John and Gillian, including defeating a plot to destroy Earth, (COMIC: The Coming of the Cybermen) infiltrating their Cyber-City with deadly flowers, (COMIC: Flower Power) and escaping a trap set for them in a Time Museum. (COMIC: The Time Museum)

Somewhat contradicting the above accounts, while the Faction left Mondas for Planet 14, the CyberMondans remained on their homeworld until they returned to Earth. After a failed invasion in 1954, (COMIC: The Good Soldier) they tried in 1986 to steal Earth's energy before being defeated by the First Doctor because of their susceptibility to radiation. (TV: The Tenth Planet) This would later be recorded in the Cyber-race's history computer as their second invasion attempt of Earth. (PROSE: Iceberg)

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