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The Cyber-Controller (TV: The Tomb of the Cybermen)

You may be looking for Pete's World Cyberman hierarchy.

Due to their vast empire, the Cybermen operated under a rigid hierarchy.

Command structure Edit

Figureheads Edit

Commanders Edit


The Cyber-Leader

  • Cyber-Leader - high-ranking generals, commanding major operations or planetary invasions. These are distinguished from other Cybermen by black handlebars or (rarely) a black helmet. The Cyber-Leader was the direct second-in-command to the Cyber-Controller and superior to the Cyber-Lieutenant.
  • Cyber-Lieutenant - second-in-command to the Cyber-Leader.
  • Cyber-Planner or Cyber-Director - computers used by the Cybermen to create and direct battle plans and strategies.

The Cyber-Planner (TV: The Invasion)

Low ranking Cybermen Edit

Non-Cybermen - servants, mercenaries and slaves Edit

  • Cybermat - cybernetic rodents used as advance guards or plague carriers.
  • Humans - allies and slaves, including:
  • Robots - servants, including: