Cybermen: The Early Years was a video containing rare episodes from early Cybermen stories. It was presented by Colin Baker and contained episodes two and four of The Moonbase, episodes three and six of The Wheel in Space, interviews with Roy Skelton, Morris Barry and Wendy Padbury, and clips from The Tenth Planet, The Tomb of the Cybermen and The Invasion.

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Cybermen The Early Years titlecard

Cybermen: The Early Years's title card.

Notes Edit

  • This was one of a series of videos produced by John Nathan-Turner intended to release rare episodes and incomplete serials, as well as interviews and other extras that wouldn't have seen a video release at the time.
  • All British releases were handled by BBC Worldwide, Australasian releases by Polygram and American releases by CBS/Fox.
  • The video was classified "U" in the UK and "PG" for "Low Level Violence" in Australia.
  • It was released on 06/07/1992 in the UK, 1993 in North America and on 10/03/1993 in Australia.
  • The arrangement of the Doctor Who theme used for this and succeeding Years releases was originally arranged by Keff McCulloch for the 1989 album Doctor Who: Variations on a Theme.
  • In Colin Baker's introduction to the second episode of The Moonbase, he incorrectly says, "Jamie is seriously unwell, having contracted the disease." (In the story, Jamie had been knocked unconscious after a fall on the lunar surface.)

Six similar videos were later released up to 1994. They were:

In 1993, the BBC refused to fund production of The Davison Years and The McCoy Years.[source needed]