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Cybersalve attack
Biological type: Robot human
Affiliated with: Cybermen
Place of origin: Earth
Notable individuals:
Appearance: Blood of the Cybermen

Cyberslaves were humans converted into shambling cyborgs by a Nanoform infection from Cybermats. Their bodies were human in shape but metallic, completed with a Cyber-Helmet. They were able to attack by firing lightning out of their hands. The Cyberslave conversion process took at least fifty minutes. As they were only slaves, they weren't as intelligent as other races, making them similar to Cybershades. Their only thoughts were death and orders. After the Cyberman army and the Cyber-Lord awoke, the Cyberslaves were deemed unnecessary and their purpose fulfilled. They were all destroyed, including Elizabeth Meadows. (GAME: Blood of the Cybermen)

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