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A Cyclops (plural Cyclopes) was a giant creature in Greek mythology with only one eye in the middle of its forehead.

Circa 500 BC, the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams encountered Cyclopes on a Mediterranean island. (COMIC: Island of the Cyclopes)

In 410 BC, a Cyclops was one of the creatures brought to life by Zeus to punish the people of Athens. It was later destroyed by the Doctor. (COMIC: The Chains of Olympus)

In 2007, Torchwood Three dealt with a Cyclops in Pontprennau. (PROSE: Another Life)

The First Doctor encountered a cyclops named Fo on the planet Rhoos. (PROSE: The Playthings of Fo)

A Cyclops was one of the attractions at the Ancient Worlds theme park on Dewyn. It came under the control of a Chiffala and was used to attack guests attending the park. (COMIC: Minor Trouble / Inhuman Sacrifice / Crimes and Punishment)

Other creatures known to possess a single eye included Aeolians, Alpha Centaurans, Jagaroth, Kaled mutants and Monoids.

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