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You may be looking for Cyril Arwell.

Cyril was one of the deadly pawns used by the Celestial Toymaker against Steven Taylor and Dodo Chaplet when they were trapped in his realm. When not in a contest, Cyril stayed in doll form. He was dressed as a schoolboy. He acted childishly and hated losing games.

Cyril looked familiar to Steven, and confirmed to him and Dodo that he had previously been both the Knave of Hearts and the Kitchen Boy.

Cyril played against Steven and Dodo in TARDIS hopscotch. He used tricks such as making one of the numbered raised triangular spaces slippery in his quest to win. He was killed when he slipped on his own trap; in his excitement at having won, he forgot it was there and fell onto the electrified floor. All that was left of Cyril afterwards was a charred doll. (TV: The Celestial Toymaker)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Cyril tells Steven and Dodo in "The Dancing Floor" that he is "known to [his] friends as Billy" — which was actually an unscripted ad-lib by Peter Stephens. This is because his character is inspired by Billy Bunter, a fictional schoolboy, who starred in a series of books of the same name, following his success in the British comic, The Magnet, and in the BBC TV series, also of the same name. However, since the BBC still held the copyright for the TV series, this similarity has been denied as a reference.