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DW84 1 had a cover date of October 1984.


The Doctor's comic strip stories

Fourth Doctor Comic Stories:

First Appeared: DWM (Issues 19-26)

Back-up comic strip stories

First Appeared: DWM (Issues 1-4)

Additional features

  • "Who's Who"
Introduction to the Doctor Who series, illustrated by Walter Simonson


Additional details

  • Following the success of the Doctor's comic strip adventures in the UK's Doctor Who Magazine and the trial period in Marvel Premiere, this separate title was released in the USA and ran for twenty-three issues.
  • This all-colour, monthly title was priced $1.50 (US).
  • Dave Gibbons provided all-new cover artwork for this issue.
  • All the comic strips reprinted in this title were cleaned up, with many being presented in full colour for the first time.
  • The reprinted comic strip material is not sourced.
  • This issue did not feature a letters page.
  • The Introduction page says that the stories are reprinted from Doctor Who COMICS Weekly - of course, since DWM has never been entirely comic strip, it has never been called that.