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The one hundred ninth issue of Doctor Who Adventures had a cover date of 2 April - 8 April 2009.

Contents Edit

Free gift Edit

  • An inflatable Supreme Dalek

Information / Fact File (Photo feature and Essential Info) Edit

  • FACTFILE: Funny Moments Top 10
  • FACTFILE: Autons

Comic content Edit

Tales from the TARDIS Edit

(Extended feature over 4 pages)

The Doctor's Data (Collectable Fact File) Edit

Posters Edit

Additional features Edit

  • Welcome and news
Find in this issue hidden somewhere Rose the dog to win a set of Doctor Who Time Squad action figures.
  • Activity / Make-it
Make-it: Cyberman piñata (sweet storer)
  • Funny Who Ha!: Caption Competition
  • Puzzles and Quiz (Scarecrows)
  • Readers contributions: Time Agent Upload / Doctor You
featuring reader's letters, photos, and art.
  • Competition Goodies (Doctor Who The Time Warrior Audio book, TIM Roboraptor, Gormiti set)

Credits Edit

Also listing: Their funniest moments

  • Editor: Moray Laing, Laughing at Rose the dog!
  • Deputy Editor: Annabel Gibson, Saying, "Just us girls!" in The Fires of Pompeii
  • Senior Art Editor: Paul Lang, When the Doctor pretended that Jackie was Rose in The Army of Ghosts
  • Art Editor: Steve Clarke, Wearing the 3D glasses
  • Production Editor: Liza Millett, The Doctor's detox in The Unicorn and the Wasp
  • Picture Editor: Shaila Bux, Becoming half-Donna
  • Acting Writer: Olivia McLearon, Pretending to be drunk in The Girl in the Fireplace
  • Contributing Art Editor: Nikki Davies
  • Contributing Sub Editor Claudia Dudman
  • Mysterious Plastic Person: Auton dummy, My appearance in Love & Monsters

Hidden Away / Facts Edit

  • This magazine can be recycled: Knock, knock! Who's there? Doctor...What do you mean you've heard it before?
  • Miss Hartigan: "I can hardly contain my excitement about the Easter episode of Doctor Who! There's just one problem. I'm not in it!"
  • The Third and Ninth Doctor used sonic devices to block the Nestene Consciousness's thought signals.
  • The Doctor leaves Son of Mine as a Scarecrow.

Additional details Edit

  • With this issue, the comic strip is reduced from five pages to only four (a reduction from the original six pages, and five from issue 58).
  • A UK promotion of BBC Children's magazines was run with the co-operative offering Buy 2 save £1.
  • The subscription offer for this issue was a saving of 30%, over £18 (UK) and a copy of The Time Traveller's Almanac or 40% saving without gift as promoted on inserted flyer.
  • This issue had a cover price of £2.10 (UK) and the free gift was cover mounted.
  • Next issue's free gift is promoted as a Doctor dress-up set.

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