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DWA 15
DWA 015
Cover date: 17 October - 31 October 2006
Format: 36 full colour pages stapled
Editor: Moray Laing
Publisher: BBC Magazines
DWA 14
DWA 16

The fifteenth issue of Doctor Who Adventures had a cover date of 17 October - 31 October 2006.

Contents Edit

Free gift Edit

  • Halloween themed monster claws and slimy eyes!

Fact File (Photo feature and Essential Info) Edit

Comic content Edit

Tales from the TARDIS Edit

Monster A-Z Edit

The Doctor's Data (Collectable Fact File) Edit

Adventure guide and behind the scenes feature Edit

Posters Edit

Additional features Edit

  • Welcome (including latest news/ preview teaser)
  • The Vortex (Who News)
Find in this issue hidden somewhere Granma Gelth to win a Doctor Who Shaker Maker !
Humour: 'Things to do with a defeated enemy' Use the Ood to organise a birthday party and play Follow my Leader. (By Christopher Cooper)
  • TARDIS Inbox Monster Gallery
Featuring readers letters, photos and readers art
  • Quiz
Which Monster are you?
  • Make It
Cut out Abzorbaloff Mask
  • Puzzle Pages / Fun stuff
  • Competition Goodies: Doctor Who Book Sets, Space Raiders, PS2 and game, Ice Age film goodies
  • Competition: Win a life size K9 (Coupon collect for entries bonus token included)

Credits Edit

Also featuring their favourite green monster

Hidden Away / Facts Edit

  • Mini-motto: "I'm the Doctor. And if you don't like it ... if you want to take it to a higher authority, then there isn't one. It stops with me."
  • This magazine can be recycled: "If you don't – you might get absorbed."
  • Frau Clovis: "All calls to The Duke of Manhattan are monitored for evidence of wailing space banshees"
  • The Graske first appeared in the mini Doctor Who interactive adventure called Attack of the Graske on BBC digital television (and on the internet)
  • The Moxx of Balhoon travelled on a special anti-gravity chair and has no defensive capabilities.
  • Original titles for Fear Her included Chloe Webber Destroys the Earth and You're a Bad Girl Chloe Webber.
  • The word "Isolus" comes from the Latin for "alone".
  • The reporter and broadcaster Huw Edwards's voice was heard on the News 24 clip of the disappearing Olympic crowd in Fear Her.
  • In Fear Her the Doctor tells Rose Tyler that he was once a dad.

Additional details Edit

  • Published every two weeks on a Thursday, this issue had a cover price of £1.99 (UK).
  • From this issue onwards, the cover is 'stamped' with the words “100% OFFICIAL!”
  • The subscription offer for this issue was a saving of over £6 (UK). No other incentive is offered.
  • This issue included an invitation for readers to become Time Agents (receiving a newsletter by e-mail every two weeks).
  • This issue's free gift was selotaped to the cover.
  • Next issue's free gift is named as TARDIS door hanger and monster stickers!

Readers in Scotland and Northern Ireland will get a free Doctor Who Activity book instead.

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