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Doctor Who Adventures #202 was the issue of the magazine for the week beginning 27 January 2011.

Contents Edit

Free Gift Edit

  • This issue's "Mystery Gift" is a Doctor Who notebook and pencil (previously issued).

Information / Fact File (Photo feature and Essential Info) Edit

  • PREVIEW: Coming Soon! (New series secrets)
  • FACTFILE: The Sun

Comic content Edit

Mega Moments (favourite scene told as a photo-feature) Edit

  • From: TV: A Christmas Carol - Amy and Rory's ship is about to crash and only a song can save them!

Fast Facts Edit

  • SJA Alien Files: Ood

Posters Edit

A3 The Eleventh Doctor and River Song
A4 The Nightmare Man and Luke Smith
A4 Judoon

Behind the scenes Edit

Interview Edit

  • None

Also featuring Edit

  • Welcome and news (What's inside?)
  • Gossip: Spoilers, Things they'd never say, separated at birth, and Mons+erma+hics
  • Find the: the Gravis to win Wraith World SJA audio book
  • Big Puzzle: Find It! Davros's birthday party (2 illustrated pages)
  • Activity: Draw a Cyberman
  • Puzzle page and Quiz
  • Joke Time
  • Readers contributions: Who and You Upload - featuring reader's letters, photos, and art.
  • Who Knows! (Q &A)
  • Picture Puzzle: Spot the Difference to win five Doctor Who prints (from GB Eye)
  • Competition Goodies (The Eleventh Doctor: Matt Smith book, Moshi Monsters and Lego Pharaoh's Quest sets)
  • Web Watch (DWA website news) – online competition a chance to win a prize a different prize everyday

Credits Edit

Hidden Away / Facts Edit

  • The first episode of Series 6 was filmed in Utah, USA.
  • The Sun is 109 times bigger than Earth, 150 million kilometres away, with a surface temperature of 5700 degrees centigrade.
  • The cracks in the Universe were part of time and space that were beginning to break up. They were echoes of the future where the TARDIS exploded in The Big Bang, destroying the Universe.

Further information Edit

  • The subscription offer for this issue is four issues for £1 and a saving of 25% (UK).
  • This issue had a cover price of £2.20 (UK) and the free gift was cover mounted.
  • Next issue's free gift is promoted as mini-army of seventeen Dalek figures.

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