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Doctor Who Adventures #203 was the issue of the magazine for the week beginning 3 February 2011.

Contents Edit

Free Gift Edit

  • Pack of 17 mini-Daleks

Information / Fact File (Photo feature and Essential Info) Edit

Comic content Edit

Mega Moments (favourite scene told as a photo-feature) Edit

Fast Facts Edit

  • SJA Alien Files: Hath

Posters Edit

A3 The Daleks
A4 The Eleventh Doctor and Craig
A4 Silurian Warrior
A4 Rory Williams

Behind the scenes Edit

Interview Edit

Also featuring Edit

  • Welcome and news (What's inside?)
  • Gossip: Spoilers, Things they'd never say, Horror-scope, and Mons+erma+hics
  • Find the: Florence the Plasmavore to win Wraith World - Sarah Jane Adventures audio book
  • Big Puzzle: Dalek Jumble (2 pages)
  • Puzzle page and Quiz
  • Joke Time
  • Readers contributions: Who and You Upload - featuring reader's letters, photos, and art.
  • Who Knows! (Q &A)
  • Picture Puzzle: Spot the Difference to win Lego heroes
  • Competition Goodies (Doctor Who: Death Riders book, Lego City Police and Avantia book/iPod sets)
  • Web Watch (DWA website news)

Credits Edit

Hidden Away / Facts Edit

  • There were only three Daleks (helped by Orgrons) for the Day of the Daleks invasion.
  • Daleks have been known to hibernate when it is cold enough.
  • The whole TARDIS console weighs a total of 6 tonnes – that's heavier than an elephant.
  • The new Doctor Who Experience in London features an exact replica of the new TARDIS control room (and the old control room), as well as a crack in time!
  • SPOILER!: The Shopkeeper and his parrot will return in The Sarah Jane Adventures.
  • From the comic strip:
  • The colour orange got its name from the fruit not the other way around.
  • The Romans invented concrete, scissors and candles.
  • Under their fur, tigers have stripy skin.
  • Batology is the study of blackberries.
  • The bat in The Jungle Book is called Mang.
  • Cakes are soft and go hard, biscuits are hard and go soft.
  • A vomitarium is the way to the exit in a Roman building.
  • The closest living relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex is ...the chicken.

Further information Edit

  • The subscription offer for this issue is four issues for £1 and a saving of 25% (UK).
  • This issue had a cover price of £2.20 (UK) and the free gift was cover mounted.
  • Next issue's free gift is promoted as sixteen mini-soldiers (Sontarans and Cybermen).

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