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Doctor Who Adventures #208 was the issue of the Doctor Who Adventures magazine for the week beginning 10 March 2011.

Contents Edit

Free gift Edit

  • Bumper pack of 63 assorted stickers

Information / Fact File (Photo feature and Essential Info) Edit

Comic content Edit

Mega Moments (favourite scene told as a photo-feature) Edit

  • From: TV: Amy's Choice - Inside Amy's dream world, the Doctor has to take on a bunch of old-age pensioners!

Fast Facts Edit

Posters Edit

A3 Weeping Angels
A4 The Doctor and the TARDIS
A4 Ood7 Gamma 5
A4 Stone Daleks

Behind the scenes Edit

Interview Edit

Also featuring Edit

  • Welcome and news (What's inside?)
  • Gossip: Spoilers, Things they'd never say, separated at birth, and Mons+erma+hics
  • Find the: a Weevil to win The Ring of Steel – Doctor Who audio book
  • Big Puzzle: Giant Maze (2 pages)
  • Puzzle page and Quiz
  • Activity: Make an illusion spinner
  • Readers contributions: Who and You Upload - featuring reader's letters, photos, and art.
  • Doctor, Doctor! (Q &A)
  • Picture Puzzle: Spot the Difference to win a Dalek book light and watch from Zeon
  • Competition Goodies (Doctor Who: Death Riders book, Creepy Crawlers set, Beast Quest books and DVDs)
  • Web Watch (DWA website news)

Credits Edit

Hidden Away / Facts Edit

  • Artist Peter McKinstry drew what he thought the Pandorica would look like based on the description in Steven Moffatt's script, "about 10 feet square, its surfaces are covered in intricate inlaid patterns. It looks like a black-varnished puzzle-box."
  • SPOILER!: David Walliams will be in the new series playing a character called Gibbis. David's other show Come Fly With Me has already featured a sketch with a Dalek at the check-in desk at the airport!

Further information Edit

  • The subscription offer for this issue was a saving of 40% (UK).
  • This issue had a cover price of £2.20 (UK) and the free gift was bagged.
  • Next issue's free gift is promoted as a surprise gift.

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