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DWA 351
DWA 351
Cover date: 30 July - 12 August 2014
Format: 36 full colour pages stapled
Editor: Moray Laing
Publisher: Immediate Media Company London Limited
DWA 350
DWA 352
Doctor Who Adventures #351 was the issue of the magazine for the fortnight beginning 30 July 2014.

Contents Edit

Free gift Edit

  • Two Racing Cybermen

Facts (Photo features and essential Info) Edit

  • Eleventh Doctor's Episode Guide! (Part 5)
  • The Dalek Files 6: Dalek Emperor
  • Top ten TARDIS trips
  • Strax's Guide to ... Cybermen

Comic content Edit

Posters Edit

Behind the scenes Edit

  • More new series pictures and rumours

Interview Edit

  • None this issue

Also featuring Edit

  • Contents (including; finding a Carrionite to win a Doctor Who Mr Potato Head)
  • Who News (including; New series pictures|]]
  • Puzzles
  • Make it:
  • Fun Stuff: Top 5 tips for being the Doctor's companion
  • Humour
  • Where's the Doctor? (two page search and find)
  • Readers Letters Questions to.the Doctor!
  • Competition: Where this summer are you reading DWA for a Doctor Who goodie bag
  • Competition Goodies: Large plush TARDIS and Lego Marvel Super-Heroes sets and a Doctor Who sonic screwdriver)
  • 'You Who!' featuring reader's letters, photos, and art.

Credits Edit

Hidden Away / Facts Edit

  • There was no ( page) content this issue.
  • The Dalek Emperor recovered from the Time War and rebuilt its Dalek armies using cells harvested from humans before being wiped out by Rose Tyler aka Bad Wolf.
  • The Peg dolls were created by George – the boy who was a Tenza alien.
  • The 'D' in TARDIS stands for Dimension.

Further information Edit

  • No subscription offer is available for this title.
  • A Doctor Who Adventures app is now available £1.99 (UK).
  • This issue had a higher cover price of £3.99 (UK) and the free gift was bagged.
  • Next issue's free gift is a bumper gift set including 10 collectable monsters and 2 changing cards.

External links Edit

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