The thirty-first issue of Doctor Who Battles in Time was released on 14 November 2007. It was edited by Claire Lister.

Contents Edit

  • Gameplay: Super Human!
  • Card Clash: Pig-Slave 2 (447) loses to Futurekind Chieftain (416)
  • FAQ Episode Guide: 30 The Shakespeare Code
  • Monster Foldout: Weeping Angels Lonely Assassins!
  • Comic Strip: Minor Trouble
  • Brain Buster Puzzles
  • Personality Test: Barmy Boffins (Which are you most like?)
  • Dalek Wars (Search and Find): Wings of Terror (from Great Air Battles of the 59th Century by A Weston)
    • Shown is one of the air battles on Megana-Eros (5874), a world where the Daleks had built a breeding city for a population of ten billion Dalek embryos. When the Ornikronon (a legendary race of gigantic, eagle-like birds) returned to their homeworld from the other side of the universe, the 100-strong Dalek guards were no match for them. Had it not been for a nearby Dalek battle cruiser, the Daleks would surely have been defeated. As it was, the Dalek cruiser laid waste to the planet with its dark-matter cannon — both the Ornikronon and the Dalek embryos were massacred.

Additional notes Edit

  • This issue was released with a pack of Invader trading cards.

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