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The forty-first issue of Doctor Who Battles in Time was released on 2 April 2008. It was edited by Claire Lister.

Contents Edit

  • Gameplay: Heroes & Villains
  • Card Clash: Heavenly Hosts (Attacking) (626) draw against Linx (655)
  • FAQ Episode Guide: 40 The Sound of Drums
  • Monster Foldout: The Gelth Gaslight Ghosts
  • Comic Strip: A Suitable Showdown
  • Brain Buster Puzzles
  • Personality Test: Monster's Ball! (Which utimate monster would you like to be?)
  • Dalek Wars (Search and Find): The Sagarro Desert Storm (from Dalek: Destroyer of Worlds by Takz Intaaki)
    • Depicted is the Daleks' vengeful return to the planet Aridius, once a water-world, now a desert planet because of a stellar incident some 1000 years earlier which shifted its position in relation to its twin suns. Aridius was a reminder of the Daleks' long-since failed attempt to capture their legendary enemy, the Doctor. The native Mire Beasts were disturbed when the Daleks (under orders from the Dalek Supreme) arrived using their gravity weapons to wipe out all life forms on the planet. Even the king of the Mire Beasts (the Mire Colossus) was unable to survive such a vicious attack. With the Mire Beasts destroyed, the peace-loving Aridians were all very quickly exterminated.

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