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The forty-third issue of Doctor Who Battles in Time was released on 30 April 2008. It was edited by Claire Lister.

Contents Edit

  • Gameplay: Six of the Best
  • Card Clash: D84 (618) beats Sun-possessed Korwin (unmasked) (733)
  • FAQ Special Episode Guide: The Infinite Quest
  • Monster Foldout: Dalek Mutations
  • Comic Strip: Any Old Iron
  • Brain Buster Puzzles
  • Personality Test: Lords of Chaos! (Which renegade Time Lord would you like to be?)
  • Dalek Wars (Search and Find): Quarantine Alert! (from a Scout Dalek Saucer 432/948/2 transmission)
    • Shown is the Daleks under attack by swarming insect bugs encountered in Dalek outpost sector gamma/red/delta.23 when twin scouting crafts, on entering a subspace rupture, suffered power loss and crashed on a nearby moon. On landing the Daleks' communications were first to be disrupted before the flesh eating bugs that were resistant to Dalek fire-power began to break into the Daleks' casing and consume them. Dalek self destruct was initiated.

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