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The one hundred seventeenth issue of the Doctor Who DVD Files - "The Ultimate Build-up Doctor Who Encyclopaedia" had a cover date of 26 June 2013.

Magazine content Edit

Collectable loose leaf pages divided into nine categories that could be filed accordingly.

Part 87: The Two Doctors
David Tennant's Doctor meets some old friends and foes.
Madge Arwell
This devoted mum found herself trapped in an alien world.
Marco Polo
The First Doctor encountered this famous Venetian explorer.
Melody Malone
This 1930s private detective was really River Song.
Great Intelligence
Find out how this nameless entity tried to invade Earth...
Discover the legend of the Dragon's treasure.
Dalek Nanocloud
Just when you thought you'd seen every Dalek trick in the book...
"Secret Smile"
There are watchers lurking in the Shadows of Starship UK...
The Dæmons
The Master attempts to raise the Devil...

DVD release (with cover blurb) Edit

Each issue came with a DVD release.
Reversible DVD sleeves enabled the collector to display one of two designs featuring either the Doctor and his enemies or his companions.
"Jenkins... chap with wings, there. Five rounds rapid."
The Doctor and Jo investigate an archaeological dig in the English village of Devil's End and uncover the Master's latest scheme for world domination. Azal, last of the alien Daemons, is buried beneath the village, and the Doctor's nemesis is determined to revive him. Can UNIT prevent the forces of darkness from escaping Devil's End? Who is the Great Wizard Qui Quae Quod? And what was the vast experiment set in motion by the Daemons?

Notable information Edit

  • Melody Malone was a paperback novel comprising 12 chapters and an afterword.
  • Marco Polo is one of ten televised stories that have been deleted by the BBC in its entirety from the archives.
  • The Great Intelligence has attempted invasions of Earth in 1892, 1935 and in 1968.
  • The name "Magister" is Latin for "Master".
  • The Dæmons referenced BBC3 over 30 years before the channel's real-world debut.

Credits Edit

  • Project Manager: not credited this issue
  • Group Editor: not credited this issue
  • Editor: Kieran Grant
  • Art Editor: Elanzi Smit
  • Designer: not credited this issue
  • Sub-Editor: Catherine Anderson
  • Contributing Writers: none this issue
  • Illustrators: none credited this issue

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