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The fifteenth issue of the Doctor Who DVD Files - "The Ultimate Build-up Doctor Who Encyclopaedia" had a cover date of 29 July 2009.

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Collectible loose leaf pages divided into seven categories that could be filed accordingly.

Demons and Daleks
Sarah Jane Smith
CyberKing (Foldout)
Space-Time Trap (Castrovalva)
Gareth Roberts Writer
Judoon Translater (Foldout)
Smith and Jones
The Shakespeare Code

DVD release (with cover blurb) Edit

Each issue came with a DVD release covering two episodes.
Reversible DVD sleeves enabled the collector to display one of two designs featuring either the Doctor and his enemies or his companions.
"Justice is swift!"
When a London hospital is teleported to the Moon, trainee doctor Martha Jones thinks things couldn't get worse. But the air's running out, and aliens that look like rhinos are checking if everyone's human! As far as Martha's concerned, the key to solving the madness seems to be a patient — a strange man who calls himself "the Doctor"...
"How can a man so young have eyes so old?!"
Whisked off to London in 1599, Martha and the Doctor meet William Shakespeare! The Doctor's surprised to hear of a new play Love's Labour's Won, because it doesn't exist! Investigating further, he and Martha discover three hideous aliens intent on controlling Shakespeare, hoping his words can open a portal to where millions of their kind are trapped!

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