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The twenty-first issue of the Doctor Who DVD Files - "The Ultimate Build-up Doctor Who Encyclopaedia" had a cover date of 21 October 2009.

Contents Edit

Collectable loose leaf pages divided into seven categories that could be filed accordingly.

Part 21 A Fond Farewell. It's all change in the TARDIS as Sarah Jane's time as a traveller ends...
Ace The companion with an unhealthy interest in chemistry.
Toclafane Read about the flying foes from the end of existence!
Harry Saxon Take a look at the Master's perfect disguise...
Te-Trap! (Time and the Rani) Meet the Rani's vicious bat-like servants.
Past Masters. Find out about all the actors who have played the evil Time Lord.
SS Titanic Get onboard the fated spaceship for a technological ride!
Last of the Time Lords - Will the Doctor overcome his physical age to defeat the Master?
Voyage of the Damned - The Doctor sails into danger in this disaster-filled tale...

DVD release (with cover blurb) Edit

Each issue came with a DVD release covering two episodes.
Reversible DVD sleeves enabled the collector to display one of two designs featuring either the Doctor and his enemies or his companions.
"But you're changing history. Not just Earth, the entire universe."
A whole year has passed since the Master and his cutting Toclafane took control of the world. Physically too old to fight, the Doctor has to look on while Martha's family are enslaved and Captain Jack is imprisoned. Only Martha is free, wandering the Earth, looking for the pieces of a weapon that could kill the Master... Can they somehow overcome his tyranny and restore the Earth to peace?
"The Titanic is falling, the sky will burn. Let the Christmas inferno commence!"
Things tend to go badly when the Doctor dons formal wear, and when he wears it on a spaceship called Titanic it's little wonder that disaster is just around the corner! When meteoroids strike the ship, can he get through the wrecked interior and find the man responsible? Hopefully, with help from a waitress called Astrid, he can...

Notable information Edit

  • On the contents page, Harold Saxon is referred to as Harry.
  • Sophie Aldred's character Ace was named Dorothy after the character from The Wizard of Oz, who was also swept up in a storm. Ace's Blue Peter badge actually belonged to Sophie.
  • The first reference to Harold Saxon appeared in Love & Monsters as a newspaper headline. Harold Saxon was also the author of the novel Kiss Me, Kill Me.
  • Tetraps came from the planet Tetrapyriarbus.
  • Voyage of the Damned was originally titled Starship Titanic.

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