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Doctor Who Insider #4 was the August 2011 issue of the short-lived North American Doctor Who Magazine sister title. Like many North American magazines, its cover date was misleading. It was actually made available for purchase a month earlier, on 7 July.

Contents Edit

News Edit

  • Geronimo!
Record breaking Series Six, Tenth Doctor David Tennants' new role, Captain Jack's return, and Doctor Who: 47 Years in 6 Minutes!

Features Edit

Nexus Point Edit

An examination of an important moment from one of the Doctor's adventures

Data File Edit

Time Scoop Edit

  • Davros “My Daleks shall once more become the supreme beings!”

Merchandise Edit

  • DVD Insider
The Awakening story overview including 'What They Said'
The Gunfighters story overview including 'What They Said'
  • Audio Insider
Tales from the Vault Companion Chronicles audio adventure includes interview with Daphne Ashbrook and Yee Jee Tso
  • Books Insider
The Dalek Handbook Writer Steve Tribe and James Goss talk about their new Dalek Guide.
  • Store Insider
Disappearing TARDIS Mug (Unemployed Philosophers Guild),
2012 Wall Calendar (Browntrout Publishers),
My Mysterious Doctor Poster (QMx)
Eleventh Doctor's jackets (Abbyshot Clothiers)

Fan Zone Edit

  • Scanner Screen (readers photograph feature)
  • The Recreation Generator (fantastic fan creation feature)

Main team credits Edit

Interesting bits from within Edit

Further information Edit

  • This issue had a cover price of $6.99 (US and Canada) with a subscription offering a 10% discount.
  • While printed for a North American market, Panini UK Ltd offered UK readers the chance to subscribe to this title, which was very much seen as a sister title to their long running Doctor Who Magazine.
  • This issue came with a free double-sided poster featuring the Eleventh Doctor and River Song cover photograph and the Celestial Toymaker double page Data File photo-montage on the reverse (but without the annotated text)

External links Edit

  • For the latest on Doctor Who fans can follow BBC AMERICA on Twitter (

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