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Doctor Who Insider #8 was the December 2011 issue of the short-lived North American Doctor Who Magazine sister title. Like many North American magazines, its cover date was misleading. It was actually made available for purchase a month earlier, on 3 November.

Contents Edit

News Edit

  • Geronimo!
Christmas is coming!, Goodbye Sarah Jane, Awards and new past Doctor Adventures!

Features Edit

Nexus Point Edit

An examination of an important moment from one of the Doctor's adventures

Data File Edit

Time Scoop Edit

Merchandise Edit

  • DVD Insider
Colony in Space story overview includes interview with Katy Manning
  • Audio Insider
The First Wave Steven Taylor Companion Chronicle audio adventure includes interview with author Simon Guerrier and actor Peter Purves
  • Books Insider
The Silent Stars Go By Writer Dan Abnett talks about the new Eleventh Doctor hardback novel.
  • Store Insider
Wind Up Dalek and TARDIS (from Blew),
The 'Flesh' Goo Pod (from Character Options / Underground Toys),
Junk TARDIS Console Playset (from Character Options / Underground Toys),
T-Shirts (from Ripple Junction)

Fan Zone Edit

  • The Recreation Generator (fantastic fan creation feature)

Main team credits Edit

Interesting bits from within Edit

Further information Edit

  • Rory Williams is referred to as 'Rory Pond (assuming he has taken his wife's name).
  • This issue had a cover price of $6.99 (US and Canada) with a subscription offering a 10% discount.
  • While printed for a North American market Panini UK Ltd did offer readers in the UK the chance to subscribe to this title which was very much seen as a sister-title to their long running Doctor Who Magazine title.
  • This issue came with a free double-sided poster featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Rory cover photograph and the Third Doctor from the Data File photo-montage on the reverse (but without the annotated text)

External links Edit

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