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The Doctor Who Magazine Summer Special 1994 was published by Marvel Comics UK.

Contents Edit

Articles Edit

  • The Urge To Live' (A look at the origins of the series) by Marcus Hearn
  • 'Into the Vortex: The Sixties' (A look at the early title sequences) by Dicky Howett
  • 'We've got Work to Do' (A look at visual effects design) by Mike Tucker
  • 'Into the Vortex: The Eighties' (A look at the McCoy title sequences) by Philip Newman
DWMS Summer 1994-Back

Back alternate cover.

Comic content Edit

Fiction Edit

  • None

Archives Edit

(With Fact-File and Credits by Andrew Pixley)

Interviews / Profiles Edit

Previews Edit

  • None

Reviews Edit

  • None

A4 Page Pin-ups Edit

  • None

Additional features Edit

  • None

Credits Edit

Additional details Edit

  • Two magazines in one! The flip half of this Special focusing on the genesis of Doctor Who and its flip side looking at the end of an era with Sylvester McCoy's story TV: Survival.
  • The Seventh Doctor half of this issue has page numbers ended with 'B'.
  • This special (priced £2.95 (UK)) was staple bound, with cover illustrations by Alister Pearson

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