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DWM 172
DWM issue172
Cover date: 17 April 1991
Format: 43pp stapled
Editor: John Freeman
Publisher: Marvel Comics UK
DWM 171
DWM 173

The 172nd issue of Doctor Who Magazine was released on 14 March 1991 and removed from British newsstands on 17 April 1991.

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Gary Russell probes into the worlds of Blake's 7 and then drops back into Doctor Who mode before we forget which magazine he's writing for.

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“When you get back home, you'll be heroes. But don't glamorise your adventures. Don't make them think war is an exciting game. Tell them about the fear and the danger. About the friends who won't be coming back ..."

The Doctor to Taron from Planet of the Daleks

Credits Edit

Senior Editor: John Freeman
Design Gary Gilbert
The Giant: Dan Abnett
Promotion: Jane Sumner
Production: Mark Irvine
Advertising: Jane Smale
Adviser: John Nathan-Turner
Excelsior: Stan Lee
Managing Director: Vincent Conran

Additional details Edit

  • This issue was priced £1.95 (UK). It had a cover by artist Peter Wallbank featuring the Fifth Doctor and the Malus from The Awakening.
  • A listing of all Doctor Who Magazine (special issues) and chart positions of the first twenty-two Doctor Who video releases are also featured.
  • On the copyright page of the magazine (usually page 3) is a box of very small text. The end of this text reads, “Dangerous Vworping Noises courtesy of ILM. (A lie, sorry.)” ... and so begins a long tradition in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine.

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