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DWM 309
DWM issue309
Cover date: 17 October, 2001
Format: 50pp stapled
Editor: Alan Barnes
Publisher: Panini Comics
DWM 308
DWM 310

DWM 309 was current from 20 September through 17 October 2001.

Contents Edit

Articles Edit

  • Includes inset articles:
  • None hit wonder - Frazer Hines from TV's Doctor Who tried to be a pop star once...
  • Manic Monday! - Ace and the Three Doctors TwentyOne Year Party People Plastic Data Aceworld Whiteout (Edited Remix) thus ran the "missing" chapter of Paul Cornell's Timewyrm: Revelation
  • Dream Theme! - Orbital's Paul Hartnoll wants to be awarded a BBC contract to provide the theme tune
  • Where have all the Monsters Gone?: Part Two - Ironic legion by Jonathan Blum
  • Includes inset article - Reinventing: The Daleks

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