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The 327th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was current 6 February through 5 March 2003.

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  • The Mary Whitehouse Experience - The National Viewers' and Listeners' Association - bunch of killjoys? Right? Well, not according to Jonathan Morris. Here, he takes a look back at Doctor Who's run-ins with the 'moral majority' - and advises us to listen without prejudice to what they had to say...
  • Guess Who? - Spotless sportsman or spurious scapegoat? Vulnerable victim or verbose vagabond? In the third part of our investigation into the man behind the Time Lord, Gareth Roberts pieces together the trials, tribulations and small beautiful events that make up the lives of Doctors Five and Six...
  • Inset article: The Master and Davros
  • Inset article: The Five Doctors
  • Inset article: Who is the Valeyard?

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  • Moments of Pleasure - It was 20 years ago today (or near enough) that the author of two of Doctor Who's most talked-about serials disappeared into the wilderness to live among the Not-We. Now, at last DWM has caught up with Christopher Bailey and all those burning questions can finally be answered! "yes, I am the bastard child of Tom Stoppard and Kate Bush!" he tells Benjamin Cook...

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  • Gallifrey Guardian
  • Space-Time Telegraph

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