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Issue 338 of Doctor Who Magazine was current 11 December 2003 through 7 January 2004.



  • The Hit Parade - The DWM Awards; Clayton Hickman tells all.
  • Scheduled for Success - Part 1: "Damned Lies and Statistics" Written by Andrew Pixley
  • The Accidental Tourist - Part 3: Kill Bill - We've become accustomed to the Doctor changing his appearance every so often, it's easy to forget that the concept was once considered a massive risk. In the third part of his look at the "accidents" that shaped Doctor Who's destiny, Daniel O'Mahony looks at the winners and losers of the regeneration game.

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  • Hot gossip - From the cold Brighton beach to the baking heat of Spain, Production Manager Gary Downie helped steer Doctor Who through its most difficult decade - the 1980s. In the first of a two part interview, Benjamin Cook catches up with a man who has a unique perspective on the show's problems.



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  • Gallifrey Guardian
  • Space-Time Telegraph
  • It's the... ...Watcher's Christmas Quiz


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  • DWM Awards 2003 - Voting