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DWM 343
DWM issue343
Cover date: 26 May 2004
Format: 50 pages, stapled
Editor: Clayton Hickman
Publisher: Panini Comics
DWM 342
DWM 344

Issue 343 of Doctor Who Magazine was current 28 April through 26 May 2004. It featured the magazine's first interview with Christopher Eccleston and was the first issue to explicitly bill him as the Ninth Doctor.

Contents Edit

Articles Edit

  • The TARDIS Outside In - Having behaved erratically throughout the 1960s, the TARDIS came down to Earth with a bump in 1970. In part two of his user's manual, Gareth Roberts checks that his relative dimensional stabiliser, dematerilisation circuits and Randomiser are all functioning properly.

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Regular features Edit

  • Gallifrey Guardian
  • Production Notes #3: Coffee and TV - Russell T Davies

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