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DWM 397
DWM 397
Cover date: 23 July 2008
Format: 66 pages, stapled
Editor: Tom Spilsbury
Publisher: Panini Comics
DWM 396
DWM 398

The 397th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was current from 26 June through 23 July 2008.

It came with a free book. There were twenty-seven titles available in all, including titles from the Target Books range.

This issue was notable for replacing almost all text on the cover, including the words "Doctor Who Magazine," with the phrase "Bad Wolf" repeated over and over. The change refers to the cliffhanger of TV: Turn Left, where the phrase "Bad Wolf" makes a resurgence, setting up the readers' anticipation for the resolution of the plot point.

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Articles Edit

  • Decisions Decisions: Tell your future, lady? Your career as a DWM journalist can go one way or the other, but which will you choose?
  • Target Practise: Want to know more about the Doctor Who paperback novel attached to this issue of DWM? Then join us as we take a closer look at the world of Target Books...

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