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DWM 428
DWM 428
Cover date: 15 December 2010
Format: 68 pages, bound
Editor: Tom Spilsbury
Publisher: Panini Comics - Inside Soap
DWM 427
DWM 429

The 428th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was current from 18 November through 15 December 2010.

Contents Edit

to be added

Gallifrey Guardian Edit

  • The casting of Suranne Jones in TV: The Doctor's Wife.
  • River Song's identity to be revealed in the sixth series!
  • Announcement of the two-part sixth series opener which will take place in 1960s America.
  • Guest cast for the first three episodes of Series 6

Articles Edit

Profiles / Interviews Edit

  • The Greatest Soap In The Galaxy: Phil Collinson
  • The DWM Interview: Louise Jameson
  • The DWM Interview: The Stars of Soap - June Brown
  • The DWM Interview: The Stars of Soap - Frazer Hines
  • The DWM Interview: The Stars of Soap - Rudolph Walker
  • The DWM Interview: The Stars of Soap - Ian Reddington
  • The DWM Interview: The Stars of Soap - Nina Wadia
  • The DWM Interview: The Stars of Soap - Cheryl Fergison
  • The DWM Interview: The Stars of Soap - Helen Worth

Comic content Edit

- Story: Jonathan Morris
- Pencil Art: Martin Geraghty
- Inks: David A Roach
- Colours: James Offredi
- Letters: Roger Langridge
- Editors: Tom Spilsbury and Scott Gray
- Axons Created By Bob Baker and Dave Martin

The Fact of Fiction Edit

Previews Edit

Reviews Edit

Regular features Edit

  • Production Notes

Special Features Edit

  • Time Scoop
  • (Bigger On The) Inside Gossip!
  • To The Police Box!
  • The Greatest Soap In The Galaxy! DWM
  • The DWM Adwards 2010!

The Wheel of Fortune Edit

  • Win Doctor Who Series 5 The Limited Edition Steel DVD Box Set on DVD
  • Win Doctor Who The Lost Stories CDs on CD
  • Win Doctor Who A Shard Of Ice CD on CD
  • Win BBC Book The Story Of BBC Visual Effects the Book
  • Win Doctor who The Companion CD on CD

Coming Soon Edit

  • Christmas Special Preview!
  • Steven Moffat!
  • Tom Baker Interview!
  • The Horns Of Nimon!
  • The Professor, The Queen and The Bookshop!
  • Reviews Of 2010!
  • The Watcher's Christmas Quiz!
  • Space-Time Telegraph!
  • The Great Christmas Giveaway!
  • Exclusive Art Cards!
  • 84 Pages Of Doctor Who-Themed Festive Goodness!

Credits Edit

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